Manufacturers since 1969

Our group prides itself on fifty years of experience in the design and construction of moulds for plastic materials and polyurethanes and on over thirty years in the moulding and finishing field. The gained experience and the continuous attention to development in new technologies alongside quality, flexibility and price are the basis for the relationships with our customers.

We offer our customers only spare parts that we make, with the utmost care at our plants; all items are produced using top-quality materials, subject to controls and tests such as impact strength, paint durability, resistance to UV rays, fitting tests. Besides, they are checked and certified by the TUV certification Body: in short, we offer the best quality and service. We guarantee full compliance with top quality standards, by offering our customers safe and reliable spare parts.



Production of steel bumpers


Production of polyurethane bumpers


Production of polypropylene bumpers

Albiate headquarters

Verano headquarters